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Non-busywork Grammar stage Logic? And logic games?

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We tried the Critical Thinking Skills workbooks for K level but didn't care for them much. They felt much more like standardized test prep than like beginning logic skills and there were few things in any of the books that challenged DD at all. My daughter does love workbooks, though, so I'm wondering if there are better options out there. Has anyone tried both CTC and the Lollipop Logic series and could tell me how they compare? Or have other suggestions?


I would also love suggestions for games. I'm looking at about a 5 year old level with a fairly short attention span (more than 15-20 minutes on a game and I'll lose her!). I admit that our current games cabinet is a little pathetic; we hit this stage where she is past the preschool board games but the "good" games all seem too advanced. I'm sure there is stuff out there that I'm just not thinking of. Maybe some of the strategy games but scaled down to have a time limit?

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