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Ah, music appreciation!

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DH is off work this week using up some vacation time he'd otherwise lose.  Today, while we were returning to pick up our kids from the local science academy, we were discussing the musical artistry of Bohemian Rhapsody, and how I can use it in a music appreciation lesson for the girls after we get to that time period (preceded by operas) in history.  He used voice commands in the car to have the stereo play it for us as we headed out to get the kids.


We went out to lunch, and on the way back more heavy metal music was playing and we were discussing the hidden (under the feedback and other effects) musical artistry to be found in certain bands' works.  He decided to call up another example, and used voice commands to request Veteran of the Psychic Wars, by Blue Oyster Cult.


"...Playing...U-S-B track...Love is Like a Butterfly..."


Sure enough, out came Dolly Parton!


Gotta wonder about Microsoft's voice command.


:smilielol5:   (I need a rolling-eyes icon.)




And he said to me, "You're going to go post that, too, aren't you?"



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