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Soothing oral irritation

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I need to take a medication that seems to irritate my mouth. My tongue becomes very swollen and erupts with what looks like disintegrating tissue. I know this is aggravated by the fact that I hold a lot of tension in my mouth.


I need ideas for how to (1) train myself to relax my mouth and tongue and (2) calm and sooth the irritation.


Hydrating helps a little but I need more. All suggestions welcome, but I prefer not to chew gum.

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You didn't pass out in the middle of posting that, did you? ;)

Lol. Posting from my phone is so hard. I guess I hit post before I was ready!!!

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Have you told your doctor about the side effect?


Chemotherapy caused horrible mouth ulcers in my mom's late husband. He had a prescription mouthwash that helped. I think it was this: (Rx here, OTC in UK).


My DH gets bad canker sores. Switching to a SLS-free toothpaste really helps. You can swish liquid Maalox around in your mouth--that will coat the sores.


Sounds miserable. I hope you find something that works.

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Guest inoubliable


A friend had to take a medication last year that irritated her mouth. She tried this and said that it helped a lot. We use it as part of our daily oral healthcare routine, without the flavoring. You can get coupons for the stuff from the website ($2 off) and it goes on sale at Walgreens every other week or so for $10/bottle. The bottles are large enough that the five of us still have some in the bottle at the end of a month. 

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