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microwave only meals?


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I would go with a lot of different sandwiches, or piece together meals from deli- or produce-ingredients that are mostly already prepared. 


Buy sandwich rolls, deli-sliced roast beef, and a couple of cans of beef broth.  Make sandwiches from the bread and meat, and heat the beef broth in the microwave, Viola!  Roast beef sandwiches au jus!


Slice up hot dogs the long way, cutting each dog into 6-8 long strips.  Microwave until hot. They should curl up. Put on hamburger buns and enjoy eating worm sandwiches (as long as your kids will eat them!). Or you can heat up regular, uncut dogs, along with chili, for chili dogs.


You can microwave bacon and make BLT (or just bacon) sandwiches, or serve along with yogurt or cereal for breakfast. (I've never fixed eggs in the microwave, but I've heard it's easy.)


Buy a ham steak or two, along with prepared mashed potatoes and a bag of frozen corn.  Heat each up separately in the microwave and then warm up just before serving.

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Can you get a crockpot?  They're pretty cheap and would expand your options considerably.  You can make almost anything in a crockpot.  In college I fed myself (fairly well) for a year with a crockpot, a toaster oven, and a mini fridge.  Granted it was only one person, but a family would probably reduce storage issues....

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Stouffer's frozen lasagna comes in a variety of sizes & the smaller sizes can be microwaved.  They are good with some french bread & a salad or veggies.


Hormel makes a line of meats that come in gravy that are microwavable. They are ususally in the fresh meat section. The roast beef slices (not the chuncks) are good.  You can also purchased microwaved mash potatoes to serve with them.


BBQ pulled chicken or pork can be warmed in the micro and served on buns.


Many stores sell hot roasted whole chickens that could be served asap or rewarmed.  You could also use the chicken to make chicken tacos in a warm flour torilla.


How about Nachos with beans & cheese & whatever fixins you like.


You can get single serving Mac & Chesse or various types of rice that are microwavable.


Not the healthiest option but Top Ramen can be microwaved.



Quaker instant oatmeal is good for breakfast. You can also get the precooked bacon that is good microwaved.  Frozen pancakes can also be microwaved.


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I second the Crockpot. The only food I really cook in the microwave (as opposed to just reheating) is rice. You can "bake" potatoes in there, though, and there are lots of steam-in-bag vegetable options available.


Oh I forgot baked potatoes. You could do crockpot pulled pork, and put it on microwaved baked potatoes. Or a crockpot roast chicken, steam-in-bag veggies, and the potatoes.

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Just a 'heads-up': You might find a crockpot a no-no in some hotels. When we PCSed to Hawaii, ours was spotted and we were told we were not allowed to use it due to fire codes. So, we put it in the closet and just used it after maid service left for the day.  (I recommend the "Ask forgiveness, not permission" school of thought in this instance.)


Just in case you're wondering....no, the hotel never did burn down.

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