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Winter Promise: Sea and Sky Questions


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I'm wondering:


1) Approx. how much time per day WP S&S took apart from math and LA? I realize that it depends on how many of the extention activities you do, but I"m more looking for an estimate on how much time the "meat" of the program took. I would most likely add in my own math and LA.


2) How much of that time was independent student time and how much was teacher time?


3) Do you think this program would be possible for someone like me who also works? I work nights (about 2 shifts per week), so I really need something that's open and go.


Thank you!

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WinterPromise is usually very open and go. They normally give you a list of materials needed in the beggining of the year so you can have those ready when you need them (at least in the programs I've used). But I'm not sure Sea and Sky is where you want to place your children if the ages listed in your signature are correct.

Hopefully someone who has used S&S can help you out more.

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I would say it took us about two hours per day when we did most of our activities (we didn't always do everything).


I'd say it would be difficult for a fifth grader to do on her own.


By "alone" what do you mean? Are you meaning she wouldn't be able to do the entire program on her own? I would understand that.

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