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My friend is ditching me!

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Feeling very bummed!  I was supposed to get together with my friend today while ds is at Driver's Ed & she is not answering my calls or texts.  We hadn't set up a specific time, but had agreed to get together between certain hours.  I texted & left messages on her home and cell phones.  That's all I can do.





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My absolute closest friend (minus my dh)  did this to me for about 10 months.  I would contact her via text and she would give one word answers that would end the convo.  Neither of us talk on the phone much but I'd call to try to set up some girl time and she'd never answer or call back.  The few times we did set things up would get cancelled for some dumb excuse. It wasn't until we were at the same party that I figured out why.  A very reasonably irrational reason that was quickly forgiven.  Now we're best of friends again.



If this is a one time occurrence I would just assume she forgot (I stood someone up once because I forgot we had a lunch date and instead I was off eloping with my husband. She of course forgave since I had a good excuse to forget.) But if it happens often I would confront her about it.

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People forget things. Unless this is a long-standing pattern, I wouldn't label it "ditching." Labeling it that way  makes it a bigger deal than it likely actually is. If you're the kind of person who would never forget something like that, it's important to know that not everyone's brain is wired like yours and this may have NO meaning at all other than that she forgot. 


Just come up with a Plan B for today and move on.

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She should have at least had the decency to call, email, or text you to let you know she couldn't make it. :glare:

Unless there was some sort of emergency on her end...?


There's no way I'd be making any judgements until I knew she was okay.

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