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IEW US History Vol. 1 assignment


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Would someone please look at this and proofread it for me? I am not confident in finding grammatical errors. Dd wanted to attend our co-op because some friends were, so she is doing Volume 1  (even though it's more for middle school). It does give some ideas for high school level assignments, and she is following those. I really appreciate any help or input you can give. She was given a short "story" and expected to add in details that would appeal to the senses and emotions as well as a checklist of dress-ups/techniques.



A Dangerous Journey


                17th century England was a difficult place for Protestant believers. Those who didn’t believe exactly like the church were persecuted, threatened, and imprisoned. For the Pilgrims, this meant that in order to worship God freely, which they believed was right, they would have to leave the only home they’d ever known. In 1620, those brave, hopeful, and slightly frightened Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower for their perilous journey to America. They encountered many dangers. Storms on the Atlantic were both frequent and terrifying. Massive waves nearly three times the height of the ship crashed down upon the deck, and drops of icy rain hit the sailors’ skin like shards of glass. Fearing for their lives, the anxious passengers crowded together in the shelter of the gun deck. Quarters were close, and salty seawater seeped through the cracks in the ship’s hull. Desperately, the Pilgrims began to pray for the Lord to keep them and their families safe from the terrible storm. With each lurch of the ship, the cries of children could be heard throughout the entire deck, followed by the worried whispers of mothers trying to comfort their families despite their own fears. With each roar of the ocean, men who once boasted of their bravery cowered down in the face of imminent death.


                One man, who was named Goodman John Howland, soon became anxious from being cooped up below deck, and decided to climb up to the top. The other passengers tried to stop him, but he was desperate to get away from the crowded conditions and breathe the fresh air. Above deck, he let out a long sigh. For the first time in quite a while, he felt free. Suddenly, the ship lurched beneath him. Goodman felt himself lose his balance, and he was thrown in to the raging sea. Arms flailing about, he somehow braved hold of a rope hanging from the ship. “Help me!†he desperately cried. Each roll of the ocean pounded him against the hull, and his knuckles turned white as his grip on the rope tightened. Between his cries, he took in large gulps of bitter seawater, some of it even making its way in to his lungs.


                Up on the ship, one of the sailors thought he heard a voice coming from the water. When he peered over the side, he was shocked to see a man bobbing up and down in the waves. Quickly, he called to the other sailors for help. They managed to pull Goodman out from the ocean and back to the safety of the ship. He sighed in relief. His knees, which were bloodied from multiple impacts with the hull, fell immediately against the floor and he praised the Lord for delivering him from the hostile waters. As he returned below deck, the other Pilgrims smiled and welcomed him back joyfully, happy to see he was still alive and well. Of course this was not the last danger the Pilgrims would have to face, and not everyone would survive the trials to come

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