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If you used one and only one Math curriculum for elementary

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Twenty years ago, "in The Beginning", the marketplace offered us very few choices.  Saxon (all levels) is pig pen liner at this house.  MCP worked well for our eldest.  (again, next-to-no choices then).  Sadlier was pedestrian (K12 used it), but "ok".  


For K-6, then. . .  Horizons.  Horizons.  HORIZONS.   :001_smile:  

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CLE would be my first choice. I have tried Saxon(ugh), MM(ok), MUS(not my kids' style), and LOF(no clue how this is even valuable). While parents may enjoy supplementing math and alternating, I find that adding extra math if they are understanding makes no sense and pulls away from time spent on other things like fine arts. Personally, I do not want to be doing school for 7 hours per day. Maybe with one or two kids but not with 4 doing math.

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If I were to use only one math curriculum it would depend on the child as the math curriculum that works best for every child out there doesn't exist. I do have one that used only one math curriculum for elementary (next paragraph) after we pulled her out of ps after gr 2. There are some curricula I would avoid like the plague and wouldn't recommend to anyone, some I thought were good but didn't work for us, etc, etc.


My eldest did just one math curriculum at a time. Saxon for the first 3 years after we brought her home from public school (so, elementary if you go by age), all on her own (NOT how Saxon is to be used; she is not a normal math kid & is now getting As in math at university as a math major). 


As for my other two, I didn't plan to use more than one math curricula at all. Saxon was such a dismal failure for my middle child (and I hated teaching it after a year & a half). We went to MUS, which I would have used all by itself, but it just wasn't meaty enough for her specific needs, so she did two full math curricula at once, MUS & SM, done separately. This is a child who sees things her own way & who refused to regroup until she watched Mr. Demme do it even though I was capable of explaining it a number of ways. She did SM 1-6 & MUS Alpha through Zeta minus Delta (already knew division, etc).


Ds did Singapore math 1A-6A. He did other math on the side, though. If I were to do it again, I'd have done Math Mammoth, but by the time we looked at it he was at SM 6 & it didn't exist when I was buying SM. I LOVE SM, but it was always recommended for mathy dc when I first heard of it, and you really need to be able to teach it the SM way, have the right type of learners it. It has many strengths. However, I would have still used SM for my middle one even though she still needed lots of work later--that was due to other reasons, not the method.


LOF--I haven't seen the elementary math as it's too new for us to have used so can't comment. We own everything from Fractions & Decimals on up, but only my eldest would be able to have used any of it as a stand-alone (some can). However, my kids LOVE the stories. Honestly, from what I've seen I like the Algebra a great deal, but like my eldest found Algebra very easy.


Only my "baby" is middle school/logic, and he's in his last year of this age.


I am a HUGE fan of using more than one curricula, but will leave that as you want only one.




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For my son, we used singapore all the way through.  It was a good fit.  He got the concepts quickly and never did well with lots of drill and repitition.  For my daughter, singapore was a disaster, but Math Mammoth has been fabulous.  It has just the right level of challenge and drill.  We're halfway through 4a, but I do intend to finish the series with her.

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For my son, I have used only MUS, primer through Pre-A...it has worked well for the way my son thinks about math. I tried to supplement but found it cumbersome to try to juggle two different things. My son has been more of a plodding, but very decent math student.


For my daughter, she is blasting through MUS, so I do supplement her work with Beast Academy, but for her, that works! She goes so quickly through MUS that I need to find fillers for her so she doesn't get bored. I can skip whole sections with MUS and she doesn't miss a beat.


I think it depends on how your child works and learns. I have found Math curricula to be a very personal decision. I would definitely go with what works not only for student, but also for the teacher.

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Which one was it?


I see a lot of people using multiple math curricula and while I can see that it would have definite benefit for some kids and some families, I'd like to hear about the Math Curricula that are used all by themselves.


If you used the occasional supplement then that doesn't count, but if you used something that is a complete Math curricula as a supplement, then can you please share how and why you did?


I only used Singapore with dd from Singapore 1A through 6B.  We dabbled a bit in Miquon during that time and we also had a math lab set up at home, but Singapore was our main curriculum.


Second child began kindergarten with Right Start, but used Singapore from 1A to 6B.


Third child used Right Start for grades 1 and 2 and switched into Singapore in 3A.  He's still using Singapore.


Fourth child dabbled in Right Start, but really has been using Singapore since 1A.  


First child is now graduated and pursuing engineering.  I have no math regrets.

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We have used Horizon's Math from K through now, 5th grade.  We plan to continue it through Pre-Algebra.


We did try LOF over this past summer just to see how she would do with a mastery-type math.  While dd liked the story, we found that she really needs a spiral Math program.  We will continue to use a different Math over the summer just to give her something new to experience, but our solid, single Math curriculum for the school year will remain Horizon's until we max it out.

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