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Any news about Aubrey?

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I thought the hive set the rules that you had to post even while in labor.:toetap05: Let's go. I'm only online to hear.:bigear: So please if you have any compassion for my negleted/hungry family you will give us an update.


Please :D:lurk5:


I have been praying and thinking of you all day. Via Con Dios.

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How do midwives usually handle ruptured membranes after 24 hours with no labor? It's been longer and an ob would have induced. Could she have been admitted for induction?


Depends on the midwife. Some will attempt to induce at home (castor oil, cohosh, n* stimulation, etc) before transporting to a hospital. Some will allow a mother to go a bit longer than 24 hours if there have been no internals and there's no sign of fever (and they may do oral antibiotics during that time)... Aubrey had made some comment about being on a deadline of 3 or 4 today (I assumed at the time that meant 24 hours from the first gush), but she didn't specify what the midwife would do at that time (attempt to induce, transport)...

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when i was planning a homebirth with midwife my waters broke but no labor. 24 hours later, still no baby. 48 hours later still no baby. midwife and back up ob said i was good for a week as long as no baths and no s*x and no vaginal exams. did castor oil and prostaglandin gel and prostaglandin orally. baby finally arrived at 1:30 am, at home, 53 hours after my membranes ruptured. with the midwife coming by every 8 hours to do antibiotics because of . . . i can't remember that name of what it is that the babies can catch in the birth canal.



kate in seattle

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I think it depends on the water level. If it was a trickle, and the water was replenishing itself I think they will let her go a while longer with a few instructions of keeping the 'passage way' clean (ie no baths, exams, s*x).


If she is not replacing the fluids and the bag is still draining, they will more than likely induce soon, or at least start some non-invasive methods (ie increased movements, exercises, teas,...maybe even s*x but I don't thing they recommend that since her water has started to rupture.)



Go, go Aubry go! were all cheering for you here right along with the Olympics!

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