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WTM University Success


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Kid went off to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland a couple of weeks ago and started classes this week in GeoPhysics.


I don't know how long it will last, but he has been calling me every afternoon to "walk through" his notes and discuss each of his lectures with me.  Essentially - to teach me each of his classes.


Kid is "Socratic - methoding" ME.


I guess I did something right.






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Oh Asta!  I was just wondering how your kiddo was doing.  Having shared all his new knowledge with you forever, OF COURSE he is going to want to share.  That is wonderful!  And you get to see how he is settling in.  Enjoy it while it lasts!  Although he will probably come to you with the coolest stuff forever.  My largish extended family still shares cool new things they learn still.  My bil comes up with some of the best, between his pottery and geography and math interests.  We're getting at least some sort of account of some of youngest's studies.  Fortunately, my husband has SOME idea of how CNC machines work and remembers his calc (I don't), and I have enough vague memories of music theory and fencing to manage to sound relatively intelligent about those.  We take it as a good sign.  My one who struggled didn't do that and my one who did didn't, if that any makes sense lol.  Reteaching is the best way to absorb something.  Clever of your son to have figured that out!  You definately did something right grin.  Go WTM!!!


Sniffing with you


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