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The Reading Lesson


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We have used this with one of our children that was very motivated by the computer. The CD-rom that went with it was fun for him and he breezed through it. We alternate between this one and the 100 EZ lessons one. I haven't found a downside. Once they are reading pretty well, we move into phonics right away.

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I used The Reading Lesson book to teach my ds7 and dd6, starting when they turned five. They each progressed steadily until the font changed and we took two months off until they were blending with more ease, then they quickly finished the book. I was doing one page a day up to the break and then two-page spreads each day. I really like the book. It was easy to include in our day so it was done each day which is the real value of the program. I haven't done any other phonics work with them, I just move them up to a spelling program once they finish TRL. My dd6 is using it to "teach" my ds4. It is that easy!





ds7, dd6, ds4, dd2, ds1

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I used it to teach my older DD to read. We both enjoyed it and it worked for us.


I liked how the type was very similar to the type in a normal book.

I liked having new text to read every day, so there was no chance

of DD simply memorizing the text without really reading.

I liked how simple the pages are with no distracting instructions to the parent.

I liked how it is all just one book. No flash cards, no chalkboard, no writing,

no workbook, etc.


After every lesson, I also had DD pick a book for me to read to her.

A "You read to me, and now I'll read to you" bargin.



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