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Can SOTW be used WITHOUT using KHE/UILEWH? Is much lost wo/the other history suppl.?


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Thanks! Our school cannot spring for all new stuff in one year, though they have given me EVERYTHING I have asked. (My classroom looks like a bookstore with piles and piles of new books everywhere!) But I did not request Kingfisher or Usborne. I thought it was too much to ask. Am I wrong? I've not read through all of each of the three SOTWs that I'll use yet. But I don't see that not using Kingfisher/Usborne is going to hamper my efforts. I supplement heavily anyway. I got this panic-y feeling going to church that I might have created a huge gap. Though I've done this for years, SOTW came out too late for us to use. So I must rely on all you SOTW girls!



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Are you a private school teacher teaching SOTW or a homeschool mom? The reason I am asking is the post was confusing to me until I got to your signature section.


This is my opinion: After using all four of the SOTW books, I think that using the Activities Guide is very helpful. It offers a lot of activities, crafts, etc. It had the pronunciation guide in the front, the coloring pages, supplemental book suggestions, maps (my son's favorite), memory cards, crafts. Volume 4 though does not have the memory cards. There is more of a focus on outlining and creating timelines which is more logic stage level anyway. I think that Volume 4's Activity Guide offers more of what middle grade students would need. You can apply those outlining ideas to Volumes 1-3 also.


Like I said, it is only my thoughts.


Blessing to you.





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Whew! Thanks, Heather! I thought so but wanted to make sure.


I'm teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history and English using SOTW, Guerber, Withrow's History Lives, Genevieve Foster books, R&S English, and lots of great literature.


I'm so excited. But I'm sooooooo tired. And school hasn't even started yet!

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