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Apologia Physical science/DIVE/ other dvds?

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Last year my 7th and 8th grader did General Science.  I would have liked to have helped them with it more than I did, but with 8 other children and a part-time job, it just didn't happen.  I feel like they went through the motions, but that it didn't really sink in.  So, this year they're doing Physical science and I purchased the Red Wagon tutorial thinking that it would help them but it. drives. me. crazy!!  Granted, I understood that the Red Wagon was a recording of an actual on-line class, so I should have understood the implications of that.  What happens is that the teacher spends lots of time addressing the students, waiting for them to answer and also deals with lots of details about how to turn in homework, how to take the test, etc.  I guess I thought that all of that would be separate from the actual lectures.  


What I want is a cut-to-the-chase; just-teach-it-to-me dvd.  I thought that I did my homework on this before I purchased RW, but I guess I didn't know the right questions to ask.  So, help me out here.  What do I want?  

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Before going with DIVE, look carefully at his website at each of the reading syllabi for his course.  He does "Integrated Chemistry and Physics" which is slightly different than "Physical Science" (i.e. more chemistry, little of the extras like meteorology).  If you compare, he seems to favor the online sources, Bob Jones, or the two secular books (CPO and Prentice-Hall).  If you use Apologia, you'll have to supplement with online sources.

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