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If I wanted to secularize Ambleside.....


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What books would I need to remove? (I'm looking at year 1 right now.) My public library has almost none of the books on the AO list, so I can't really preread them without purchasing. I know many are available free online, but I haven't the time or patience to read them all off the computer screen, and I think it would cost me almost as much to print the books as it would to purchase them. So can anyone tell me which books I would need to remove or find substitutes for if I wanted to do AO from a secular perspective?


Thanks for any help on this one.

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For year one, you would need to remove Trial and Triumph. It is a history of the Protestant Church. Parables of Nature has some christian references as well. Those are the only two that have overt christian perspectives (that I can remember anyway.) The other books may contain some references that you would probably be able to omit. It's a little harder to secularize Ambleside because of the time period the majority of the books were written in, but I hope this helps.





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