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Okay, I'm getting scared

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has anyone gone back to college while homeschooling? I didn't know whether to post this on the Gen board or here, but since the is the hs and self-education I thought I'd have better luck here.

I'm going to be taking pre-req. classes this year and doing the English MA program the two years following - all while hsing my 8th and 6th grade dds.

It will work out to about 2-3 classes a semester, and this isn't a whim, it is necessary. Has anyone done this type of thing? My goal is to have my MA and teach p/t at the local cc until dds graduate, then move into f/t eventually.

here is the breakdown

6th/8th - prereq.

7th/9th - MA

8th/10th - MA

9th/11th - p/t teaching

10th/12th - p/t teaching

11th - p/t teaching

12th - p/t teaching


and continue with p/t until f/t is available


I could really use some btdt, encouragement, etc.


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I haven't, but I know there are people who have (where are you, people?) They might be too busy to be here.


I don't know anyone who has gone back to school while homeschooling high school, but there are plenty of people who have done it with younger kids, so surely it can be worked out somehow.


I think you can do whatever you set your mind to doing. Will you have any help with homeschooling? That might become a necessity.


Hope you get some answers from someone who has BTDT. You might ask this on the general board.

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Hi Chris, I'm afraid I can't help you, but I am curious about something. Do you have an education or english related degree? I ask because I would love to do this too, but in Alabama I would have to take 32 credit hours in education and 19 credits in English before I could get my masters. I have a degree in nursing. That many credits seems overwhelming when I could make more money as a nurse.

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You go girl.


I would love to go back to school to get a Master's. However, it is outrageously expensive and I would basically doing it for 'fun', not really to teach (though I guess I could do that).


I would also need to rack up quite a few undergraduate hours before I was even qualified to apply to the UW grad program in history; which I found out is extremely compettitive - they admit about 10 students a year.


But I am encouraged that it is achievable for some of us out there. It can't be (much) harder than a part-time job. I think you can be successful.


Kate in Seattle

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I think 2 grad classes a semester is doable - 3, I don't see how really. I have an MA in German and 3 classes was fulltime. I don't see how I could have homeschooled 2 dc at the same time.


I hope to be teaching at the cc next fall. Last fall I took a grad Spanish class and it was a lot of work (I was also teaching high school pt and homeschooling). I need 4 more classes in Spanish to also be able to teach it at the cc, so I may take those classes over the next 2-3 years.


Good luck!

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