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9th Grade Intro to Physics and Chemistry Course Suggestions

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I am hoping someone can help me out. I signed up my dd for Kolbe Academy this year using their 9th grade plans. We decided to go with the Intro to Physics and Chemistry course that uses Prentice Hall Physical Science Concepts in Action. It is basically like a physical science course. She did not have physical science in junior high so we thought it would be good preparation for the more advanced science courses. I am trying to get ideas for activities, projects, etc that we can do to round out her credit for this course. In Kolbe's lesson plans they assign assessment questions from the text, but I want to come up with something that is a little more interesting and interactive. The experiment suggestions in the text are not helpful because so many items are needed to complete them that we don't have. Interestingly, we enrolled in Kolbe 2 weeks ago and my dd has already read the entire textbook for this course. She just sat down and read it cover to cover, when she is really interested in something she just cannot stop! 


Anyway, I am looking for any suggestions for science kits, projects, websites, videos, anything fun that would go with physical science. I have a very creative kid so I am looking for something more out of the box. Also, if anyone has any ideas for what I could assign her to receive credit for physical science. She has read the book, but I need her to do a little bit more work than that and Kolbe requires samples of work completed to receive credit. 

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You might want to look at Ellen McHenry's Carbon Chemistry unit: http://store.ellenjmchenry.com/?product=carbon-chemistry Don't be put off by the fact that your dd is at the top of the age range. I find her curriculum to be very in depth.


We also just watch NOVA's Hunting the Elements and really enjoyed it. There are possibly other good NOVA documentaries you could look at.


We are doing physical science in 8th grade and are planning to use some TOPS units. There are units at all levels. http://www.topscience.org/

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