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Favorite math manipulatives and games for middle school?

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What are your favorite math manipulatives and games for middle school? 


My 6th grade dd gets to homeschool for one year and so far I'm finding she needs help with word problems and puting fractions/decimals in numerical order. I'm thinking that supplementing with more hands on manipulatives, games, etc. will help her understand the concepts better.


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You might look into TOPS Science's "Math Lab". It is all hands on stuff. They have several math units, such as Probability and Graphing. The thing with TOPS is that it is hands on, not a text book. It makes a great add on to a math curriculum. TOPS are written to the student and intended for a class room. It is envisioned you might have a 'math station' or a 'science station' where the student can be self directed in their work. I generally create just that in my house. I tell them that they are going to work on our TOPS whatever for an hour on fridays (for example) and just let them at it.

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Not a game as such (or maybe you could call it a long role-play!) but my dd11 loves the "Your Business Math" series.  She is currently "running" a sports store!  http://simplycharlottemason.com/store/your-business-math/


This is awesome!  Thank you so much for sharing it.  Our budget is miniscule, but this looks worth the investment for my DD to get to run her own petstore!

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Equate is a great game that really requires concentrated thought. It's reminiscent of Scrabble and it has add on sets for junior and more advanced (Algebraic) players.

Quarto is a game that encourages logical (rather than mathematical) thinking; also, if you get the wood version, it's a beautiful game.


SET is another game that promotes logical thinking; it's a card game.


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