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Seriously - this is oh so hard to watch -

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My heart is just aching for dh.


He's by training and passion a music/orchestra/high quality guy.


Right now, to feed our family, he's working in Management for a health care co. I so admire him, I can't even say.


His dream is to teach college orchestra, but he doesn't have a doctorate. He's not even ABD.


Today he was so excited about a position open for next fall (09) at a respected Christian college north of here (ok, so just about everything respected is north of Alabama! :lol:) He asked me to look at the job description and see what I thought.


The job sounds just like him. He would be so good at it. He would bring a vision for excellence, for Christian vision of the arts, for inspiring students. I just know he would!







The posting clearly states, "Candidate should have a doctorate (or be ABD) or have commensurate experience by time of hire." He hasn't even started a doctorate. We just can't afford for him to go back to school. And his only conducting experience is a high school and a community orchestra.


I know what's going to happen. He's going to spend hours upon hours crafting just the right application, philosophy of education, compiling DVD footage. He's going to send it in.


And they're not going to call him. It's just how higher ed is.


And my heart is breaking in advance.


Thanks for listening, y'all. I'm going to snuggle my sweetie now.

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Maybe applying for the job will give him the practice for when he goes for a job he's more likely to get. Also, I've applied for jobs, not heard anything, and then months later been contacted about another opening at the same company. You never know.....

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Does this college offer a degree in conducting? Does the position entail teaching conducting? If not, he could have a chance.


I have a staff position at a small liberal arts college and our orchestra conductor does not have a terminal degree. He does, however, conduct an ensemble in our city, and that makes the college "look good", kwim? In other words, our college made an exception about this requirement. If he states his case strongly enough, he could get it, especially if it's a position that is difficult to fill (affiliate faculty, not full time, etc.). And if they super-duper like him, they might support his returning to school for a terminal degree.


You never know. Grace happens.

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Oh, Heather! That is hard to watch, especially when you know he would be so good at it! I'm sorry.



What a great support you are to your sweetie.:001_smile:


Hey! When did you get home?



Sorry for the hijack!

You are such a good support to him. And don't give up hope...you never know. Let's pray and see what God has planned. :001_smile:

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So often it seems that higher ed institutions that are hiring are looking for a specific. My dh has a Ph.D (along with 2 master's degrees) and he's applied to tons of colleges and universities. He's had several interviews and actually taught at a couple (as adjunct- often these days they want faculty to make their job the only job- just can't support 7 people & student loans on that pay). So often, thought, he is "too conservative," "a male" (seriously- that is often the reason- EOE takes out white men faster than a speeding bullet), "too liberal" "too verbose" (excuse me, don't you want a teacher?" "Takes the Bible too seriously" (we've heard that at 2 conseravative Christian colleges) "too ....whatever."

All of that to say- who knows what they are looking for? If it sounds like a fit- go for it! They might be thrilled to have someone with your dh's practical experience.

The scuba place here in town (cracks me up -I mean this is SD!!) has a sign on the wall; "20 years from now you will regret far more what you haven't done than what you have." I'm not sure I totally agree but it does give me pause.

We've sent out dozens of resumes- maybe more than dozens, but we are creating a life that dh loves and pays the bills (a winning combo and not there yet) but dh is soo much happier and challenged. I say, Go for it!!

All the best!

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You just never know.

To do the application will be good for him.

Hey - maybe they will get him a scholarship so he can go to school for free and maybe even teach (paid) as a teacher's assistant because they love his application!


Or maybe this will inspire him to take the one class a semester that will get him where he wants to be in that formal education world.


No matter what - just back him all the way and remember the old song....

"Where never was heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day."

Believe in him even against the odds.

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