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High School Curriculum for "History of the Ancient World" now in PDF

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Hi all,

We've sent the "Study & Teaching Guide for the History of the Ancient World" to the printers, but while we're waiting for the physical book, we've now started selling it as a downloadable PDF, here. Remember, you can see a sample on this page.


For each chapter of Susan Wise Bauer's "The History of the Ancient World" he Study & Teaching Guide provides review questions and answers, ID's, map exercises, essay prompts and tips for helping the student think critically about the history presented in the chapter.




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This makes me so happy! We are just starting to think about high school history and this will definitely be on the list (oldest is just in 7th grade now). Will you guys have them for SWB's Middle Ages and Renaissance books as well? 


dcjlkplus3, yes we are planning on having these for future volumes, especially if this first one sells well.

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I bought this yesterday, as soon as I noticed this post. I'm using it already and very excited. It's making it easier to add some heft to our Ancients study this year. I was already adding in some Great Courses lectures and selections from Map Trek, but the guide is making it simpler to add some comprehension and analysis questions.


I'm looking forward to seeing the guide next year for the Medieval book!

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That is just fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Please thank the people who worked so hard on creating it and the remaining guides. Of course, please thank Susan for writing the source book in the first place. What an amazing resource!

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