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Just back from DC, where I...

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actually SAT ON THE HOUSE FLOOR!!!! No, not actually on the floor, but on the floor of the House of Representatives, where the "Republican revolt" is currently taking place.


Our GS troop was taken onto the floor through the Republican cloakroom by our senator's staffer who was conducting the tour.


Overall, a pretty fabulous trip - but that was singularly exciting!

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That's NEAT! Didja get pictures of it? What else didja do?


Unfortunately, we had to leave all cameras and cell phones in the cloakroom. And Jean - we're pretty sure the girls did not completely understand how momentous that visit was. Maybe when they're a bit older it will hit them.


Wow - it was a great trip - we got to ride the senate subway when we toured the Capitol; were able to do the Bureau of Engraving & Printing tour and go up in the Washington Monument; saw Lincoln, Vietnam, FDR, WWII memorials, the Scupture Garden, Portrait Gallery, Air & Space, Zoo. We also sat in Einstein's lap for pictures, took paddleboats across the Tidal Basin, and popped through the House Where Lincoln Died. My co-leader's pedometer told us we walked about 7 miles each day! Oh, and we rode the subway everywhere. By the end of the trip I heard one of my 10yo's explaining to a tourist how to put the tickets through the readers :001_smile:


We managed to do it for around $280/person for all travel, food, and lodging. They sold alot of cookies to get to go!


There was so much more that we didn't get to do - they all want to go back!

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