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Anyone familiar with gestational diabetes? I have a few questions...


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I am 28 weeks today and took my glucose screening yesterday. They said my numbers were supposed to be under 140 and mine were 202. She wanted me to monitor my blood glucose levels to see if we were looking at a problem or just a fluke... Would you take a look at my numbers for me and tell me if you see anything concerning?


I am scheduled for the three hour test in the morning and I have a question about that, too. Would it be a good idea to eat something high in protein (steak slices or something) around 10pm?


So, my numbers from today are as follows:


Upon waking - 88

Before breakfast - 91

1 hour after eating - 191. (I had two PB sandwiches and a soft drink - yes, very bad!!! Lesson learned)

2 hour after eating - 108

Before eating Lunch - 84. (Lunch was a grilled chicken and cheese wrap)

1 hour after eating - 111

2 hour after eating - 95

Before eating supper. - 78 (grilled chicken fajitas & chips/salsa)

1 hour after eating - 136

2 hour after eating - 108


I will check it again before bed. Does anything seem alarming (besides the breakfast number)?

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Agreed.  Those numbers look fine.




Would it be a good idea to eat something high in protein (steak slices or something) around 10pm?

One should do a carb load the three days before the test.  


If it were me, I'd cancel the 3h GTT.  IMO your numbers throughout the day is a MUCH better indication of how your body is reacting to the foods you normally eat, not what they look like after dumping 50g of glucose into your system.  So obviously the 1h result was not accurate for you and it's not likely the 3h will be either.  

You are very blessed to have a provider who is willing to look at your daily numbers to see if the result was a fluke!  Not all will do that.  

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I'm surprised they are having you do the 3 hour. Over 200 at anytime is a diagnosis I thought. The 3 hr. is icky - at least I get sick from it. You may want to just see the dietician about counting carbs and check your sugars, but on the other hand you may pass the 3 hr. Either way you may want to skip pop the rest of your pregnancy! Your numbers look like they spike but drop quickly and like you'll be easily controlled. 

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191 is really high. If things are working properly it shouldn't go that high no matter what you eat. Your lunch and dinner though look very low carb which is what you do when you are tying to keep blood sugar down. Based on my experience, I would say your numbers do indicate gestational diabetes. When I had gestational diabetes, my fasting numbers were, like yours, acceptable, but consumption of significant carbs, especially at breakfast, would send my numbers above the recommended less than 140 1 hour post meal.

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