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Favorite free online resources for Kindergarten?


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My dear friend lives in a developing country, and just learned this week that she will need to homeschool her Kindergartner this year.  The cost of shipping books there is exorbitant, so she is looking for as many online resources as possible.  She is brand new to homeschooling.  What would you use for Kindergarten if you had to rely entirely on online resources (not streaming, as their internet connection is slow/spotty)?


Thank you SO MUCH for any and all resources & information!!

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Depends on level, does she know the alphabet? Is she starting from scratch in other words?


I would use:

http://progressivephonics.com/ (phonics and reading and handwriting instruction)


Read alouds (hist, lit, nature) could be downloaded from here in pdf and some have audio also: 



You could use this grade 1 science curriculum as a base (free pdfs):



www.homeschoolshare.com has lots of unit studies and lapbooks for literature/sci/history/health she could do at that age


For math, I would use basic manipulatives (blocks or erasers or...) and teach counting to 20 (objects), count aloud to 100, skip counting aloud by 2 and 5, time to the half hour, shapes,sizes, colors, positional words, patterns (ABAB, AABAAB, etc), basic addition, basic subtraction (not fact memorization, just the concept for both + and -), story problems. There are tons of free videos online and printable worksheets,





That would cover the basics for Kg.

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For lots of fun kids books, popular picture books, leveled readers both fiction and non-fiction I love the Wegivebooks site!

If you haven't come across it, you read the book (100% free although you must set up an account). This is an fantastic site, and the bonus is that everytime you read one of the books they donate a copy of that book to a charity!



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