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Best "Literature Guide" for Grades 6-9

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While I do think it is possible to have some self-direction with Literature, especially as students in middle school / high school start moving out of reading and book reports and into literary analysis and essays, there definitely also needs to be a good amount of parent involvement for discussion and learning how to use the elements of literary analysis, and for grading, guidance, and feedback on papers written on the Literature...


That said, some literature programs are more self-directed:


Guides to Individual Books
Glencoe Literature Library (gr. 7-12) = secular; will need some teacher input

Discovering Literature series (regular level = gr. 5-8; challenger level = gr. 9-12) = secular; will need some teacher input
Progeny Press (by grade level) = Christian; will need some teacher input
Total Language Plus (by grade level) = Christian; a full language arts unit study, not just a lit. guide
Parallel Text Shakespeake series (gr. 6-12) = secular; has student workbook element to the program; will need teacher input
Portals to Literature series (gr. 7-12) = secular; designed for classroom use, but can be adapted; would require more teacher input for adapting it and using the teacher-led portions

- Reader's Odyssey (gr. 7-12) = teaches you and the student how to read literature for yourselves and make your own assignments; then follows with a list of classic literature to choose from


Lit. Programs
- Memoria Press grade 6, grade 7 = Christian; student workbook component done solo, but also needs teacher input

- Kolbe Middle School Literature = Christian/Catholic; study questions and weekly writing assignments

- Lightning Literature & Composition: grade 7, grade 8 = secular; can be largely done independently by student

(above middle school levels are 1 year long; high school levels are 1 semester; the 2 American Lit. programs for LL are geared for grade 9 and up)

- Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings (gr. 7-10) = secular; 1 year program
- Windows to the World (gr. 9-12) -- Christian; there is a student book, written to the student, but also a teacher book and this program will need more teacher input
- Excellence in Literature: Intro to Literature (gr. 8); Literature & Composition (gr. 9) = Christian


Online Courses

- Boomerang Book Club (gr. 7-10) = secular (?) perspective

- Center for Lit (gr. 7-8 class; also a high school class) = Christian  perspective

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