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xpost: Miquon/SM/Alg questions


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I picked up Miquon because while DS8 totally understands all the operations he really needs more practice and I would love to give him a hands on approach to that practice before moving him on. We are flying through SM (switched back from MM and stepped back to SM3a but can already tell we will be through with it in a couple weeks). We have the IP and CWP (this he really has to work at because he isn't great with word problems but doing them the Singapore way is making a world of difference). Where should I start him in Miquon? I own all 6 books so wherever is fine I just don't want him to do a bunch of work that is so far below him that he is totally bored. 


He also played around on HOE's free android app and is begging for more algebra. What would you suggest for him? We are going over negative number calculations and he is understanding completely. I know he still needs fraction, decimal, exponent and order of operation practice which I know he will get in SM so I am not totally worried about it. I am only assigning two or three problems per exercise right now just to make sure he has a solid understanding of each concept and I am just lost lol. We took nearly a year off for him to deal with anxiety issues and now that we are back he is right back to flying through math like no one I know.


He is also working through BA3b right now but he doesn't like it as a full curriculum. He prefers to just do it weekly right now so we will continue doing that for him. I also have a year's subscription to quarter mile math that I am considering letting him play with.


With dd4 she is on lesson 18 of Singapore Essentials. What next? SM1a or Miquon orange or both?

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