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Bernie Mac died

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Not that I'm really a fan or anything, I just find it disturbing when young people die. They said he was 50, & it was complications from pneumonia.


I remember when John Ritter died. It really shook me up. Watching the clips from 3's Co, etc, I hadn't realized how much he reminded me of my dad, who was the same age. It was like pre-deja-vu? Because about 2 mos later, my dad died unexpectedly. Complications from pneumonia, sort-of.


The pneumonia set off his first heart attack, & he had adverse reactions to the heart attack meds. They couldn't get him concious again for over a month. Then it was just a million other things, all of a sudden. A man who'd never been to the hospital (hardly the dr) for anything. He was 49.

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Wow! I remember hearing on the news before I went to bed last night that they were keeping in the hospital due to pneumonia - never thought he'd die!!!


I know what you mean, Aubrey, about the shock of young people dying. I wasn't a fan either but it still is very sad news. Btw, sorry about your dad - he was soooo young:sad:.


My dh was in the hospital in 2001 for ten days with double pneumonia. We almost lost him - hearing this about Bernie Mac makes me very thankful that the doctors were able to help dh. He was 41 then. Life is so very fragile.

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My dh just called to tell me. So sad. :sad:


I was also very shaken when John Ritter died. Dh had just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and it just hit too close to home.


Yep. Dad's dad had died a few mos before, only 63 or so. I'd thought he was way too young. On dh's side, a 2yo cousin died in her sleep for no reason.


Then dad's sister died very suddenly at 48 (probably murdered, actually, but nothing proven) around the same time that an older cousin (mom & dad's age) lost a battle w/ cancer. All of this was maybe a yr or 2 after 9/11--dad AND aunt's bday--& in the middle of Katrina. It was a strange, hard yr. Yr & a half? I don't know; it runs together. My first yr of teaching fell between dad & grdad's deaths. So I guess it was more than a yr.


People should not die. At least not so young. It was almost ironic when my great-grandparents died at 95 a few mos later.

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This was the first thing I saw when I checked the headlines today. I'm so sad. Just stunned. So young to be taken by pneumonia.


Dh and I are fans--Bernie just cracks us up with one lift of his eyebrow. To us, he used "bad language" in a way that wasn't "bad".


Bernie Mac suffered from the same autoimmune disorder as my mom. I admired his grace and hutzpah in the face of disease and I thought of him sometimes when I was sick last year.


He exuded a wicked zest and intelligence.


Grin on, Bernie Mac. Peace to you.

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It's so sad. He was one of my favorites. Whenever I'm bummed out, I put on my Kings of Comedy dvd and laugh myself silly. He stole that whole show. They still show his tv show in reruns at night here and I watch him during the afternoon, it's better than a lot of daytime tv stuff.


It's so sad. He just seems so ALIVE.


Death is the pits. Nothing nice about it.


Prayers to his family.

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