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Chrysalis Academy

Jousting Armadillos (X-Post)

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Ok, so I finally checked out this program, and I really like the looks of it.


Here's what appeals to me:  I like that it explains prealgebra & algebra conceptually - but it seems to be less wordy (and, frankly, less difficult) than AoPS while still focusing on problem-solving, puzzles, and what math is really all about, rather than on memorizing & copying algorithms.  I like that it's based on Jacobs (I really like Jacobs) and that it has humor and interesting puzzles like Jacobs, but a more approachable scope-and-sequence for a youngster.  I like that it's a connected narrative, which is great for my highly verbal kids, but it seems to be less goofy and more coherent than LOF (which is starting to get on my nerves).


Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone who has been using it for a bit can tell me their impressions so far?  


In particular, I'd love to hear how it compares to other similar things - like AoPS PreA, Zaccaro, LOF (or anything else you think it's similar to).



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I commented on the other post.  But to add something:  JA is meant to be done interactively (like IMP etc. as per Stanford course ideas), and took me doing it too along with ds to make it work.   So, for example, in the beginning parts on learning about inductive vs. deductive reasoning we both wrote lists and so on.   Also, if you do do it, I recommend that you get dedicated notebooks for each of you before you start to keep the work together, and a separate notebook for Notes to Self.

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Thanks, Pen.  I think that sounds great.  We have a second session each day dedicated to problem solving & math discussion, and I'm thinking JA will be perfect for that.  We've been doing Zaccaro's books (Problem Solving Genius, Ten Things) and some of the trickier HOE problems during that time, but I think JA will fit into that slot really well.  I'm finding that this strategy is helping me to relax and embrace the aspects of math - not rushing, focus on problem solving, play with it, have fun, discuss what it all means - that I've tended to skimp on in the past, with a "git 'er done" attitude.  This way, I can have my candy and eat it too - dd is still moving briskly through an appropriate level of math, but we also have the time to play with it and to focus on problem-solving.  I'm really happy with this decision so far.



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