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1st and 2nd grade "Invention of Wheel" ideas for co-op?

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I'm teaching my first class at our large (200+ students) co-op next week. We are studying Ancient Civilizations. My topic is Invention of the Wheel (or the potter's wheel). I'm stumped about a hands on activity for the 1st & 2nd graders. 

I know I shouldn't be nervous, as they are just 30-35 6 & 7 year olds, but I am. I need something that takes about 40 minutes (including the teaching part).


Any bright ideas?

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Maybe some demos and a snack/craft?


After or even before you "lecture,"

Split kids into three groups.

Have three stations set up.

Station 1-- big pile of bricks, heavy but liftable rocks, or big blocks--enough for everyone to help with.

Big, sturdy box or plastic tote.


Kids load box, then timer times to see hoe long it takes some of them to push the box some distance--20 ft?--across a line. Unload box and stack blocks for next group, put box back.


2nd station

Same exercise, same amt of blocks/bricks/rocks, but they put into a sturdy wagon instead. Timer times.


Or you could see how many loads you can do in ten minutes--this would be better, actually.


Kids keep data sheets, tallying trips or noting time. You are either showing you can do more work with the wheel or you can do quicker work, depending on which method you use.


Third station makes a cracker or rice cake wheel snack or a paper cart or something of that nature


Come together at the end and chart what they did.

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