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kindy / 2nd HEATH ...what do you use (have you used)

momma aimee

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i have a kindy and a 2nd grader (both boys) this fall.


I am looking for a good heath curr for them.


I'd like one that goes through the systems of the body and talks about how each works (and maybe and how to stay healthy).


I am trying to avoid something that is just 'wash your hands"  and "how to be a friend  if you know what i mean.


Anyone have any suggestions?


work books are fine...

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For my oldest's pre-k and kindergarten we read a lot of library books about the human body.

Two favorite series were Let’s Read and Find Out Science (various authors) and Sam’s Science (Kate Rowan).  Usborne’s First Encyclopedia of the Body remains a favorite.  We also made life-size “boys†using My Body (Patty Carratello). 


First grade/pre-k we studied life sciences for science using Mr. Q’s Life Sciences as a spine.  The second half of Mr. Q covers major organs/systems, cells, and health and hygiene.  We supplemented with library books and online resources.  We covered fire safety and personal safety as part of civics.


For second grade/k we read Sassafras Science Adventures, vol. 2: Anatomy.  The remainder of this year’s formal health study will consist of a unit on fire safety and a unit on hiking and camping safety.  

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