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Article on boys and books

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Has this been discussed yet?




My opinion: I will admit this bugs me. I realize schools are not giving boys what they need in literature options, but must upping the twaddle always be the answer? :glare:


I recently finished reading "Thrilled to Death" and it talks a bit about the excessive need we have in our culture of always going further, more edgy, more violent, more, more, more. Eventually our pleasure center shuts down from it all and it's hard for anything to really bring us pleasure. (I admit I didn't read it all. It was one of those books where the meat was in a couple chapters and the rest was to the lengthen the book, but it had some great points.)


On the other hand, I suppose I sympathize with the schools. They cannot control the excessive TV and video game stimulation children outside of schools come to rely on, and what they provide is bland in comparison. Even so, they are expected to get the boys reading something and get their scores up. Not enrich their minds and make them men of good character, just get the scores up.


Some days I really fear for our society. :svengo:

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Just what we need, boys to grow up to be perpetually 12 years old. :glare: My ds doesn't like to read, but I'm not going to lower the level of his reading to entice him. That's like giving sweets at every meal just to get them to eat. We've started reading the "Alex Rider" series, which I am enjoying just as much. They are not gory and hold the interest of an almost 11 year old quite well.

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