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Horse people--am I overreacting?

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well...I am also one of those 'holier than thou' former smokers...so, I know just what you mean! LOL


I grew up around horse people (my mom trained thoroughbred race horses) and it seems they ALL smoked...LOL....Of course, this was the 80's.....so there is that. But, it may very well be that she is just so used to being around others that smoke that she doesn't think about it.....that said, I would probably look elsewhere....I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke and I don't particularly want my children to be aroud it.

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I wouldn't give a crap if she smoked or not, is she a good instructor? I would have to say she's addicted and/or maybe it helps her concentrate on the lesson.


On the other hand, non smokers are likely to burn down the barn with a careless flick of the wrist. Most barns have a strict no smoking policy, and frankly I'm amazed that the barn owner doesn't ban smoking on the premises.

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Dd7 goes horseback riding once a week. I've never seen anyone smoke in the barn or even outside. I few people have that cigarette smell but I've never seen anyone actually smoke. They have a small employee lounge where they are allow to smoke. I'm surpised that they don't have a policy about smoking especially with kids around.

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