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Math U See Pre-Algebra Questions


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Hello there, I have never used MUS before. I used RightStart A - C with my son and then Singapore through 6B for the rest of the years. He is now grade 8 and someone gave me MUS Pre-algebra complete package. I'd love to make use of this free blessing but I am not sure I can. With RightStart for instance, you can't just start using it if you've never used it before. You have to do transition lessons to get you thinking and doing math in the "RightStart way". Is this the case for MUS too? Doesn't he need to learn to use the rods and stuff first? Or could we jump right in to the Pre-Algebra program without problems? opinions would be great! Thank you so much. Originally I was planning to do Video Text  this year. I could still sell this program and get Video Text but I'm not sure if MUS might end up being a good match for us after all?


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I wouldn't use MUS Pre-Algebra with what your ds has already done. MUS pre-algebra, like the rest of their elementary math is not a standard scope and sequence. On the contrary, MUS pre-algebra is a hole plugging program. It covers all the things normally taught at lower levels that have not yet been taught. We did use it and it was very useful after having done a few years of MUS, but it is not the place to join the MUS program. It would probably be a waste of time for your ds.


Since you can, I would sell it. I've never used Video Text and it doesn't get good reviews on these boards so I don't know if that is a good place to go or not, but ditch the MUS and find whatever you think would be best for your ds.



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