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Anyone using WWS with a high schooler?

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Last year my 8th grader only made it through about half of WWS1, mostly because we were trying a few different writing programs, not because of difficulty.  This year I would like to continue WWS where he left off, then start level 2.  My concern is that the program was written for younger students, and I don't know if it is appropriate for high school.  I'm also a little concerned after reviewing the s&s that persuasive writing won't be covered in any of the levels.  Will one year be enough to work on higher level writing skills, assuming he finishes the WWS series in grade 11? 


I have a copy of Essentials in Writing 10 that I have been looking over.  It seems to cover all the "typical" high school writing instruction.  But, I don't think I'm crazy about it.  There is something about the method in WWS that I like.


Anyway, this is my first high schooler, and I am so nervous about making a mistake.  It almost seems like the safer approach would be to go with Essentials in Writing.  Is anyone else using WWS with a high school student?  Can someone reassure me, one way or the other? 



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I am!  My 9th grader will start WWS 2 in about two months.  He still has a little work to do in WWS 1 first.  We floundered around for a long time as we tried to find a writing curriculum that made sense to him.  We "made do" but nothing clicked with him like WWS.  I am going to cover Essay Writing and the Research Paper with other materials.  But, whatever else we do over the next few years, he will continue with WWS.  He is doing a lot of writing across the curriculum now and I am SO VERY thankful for the progress he has made with WWS.  I am of the "whatever works, do that" mentality at this point.  We just spent far too long trying to find an approach that worked!!

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I probably have no business answering, because my kid is only in 6th grade, but I will say that I think the content of WWS is not only ok, but actually more appropriate, for a students older than the target audience.  Meaning that the reading passages selected for models or to outline are generally quite complex and challenging for a 5th-6th grader, and perhaps more appropriate for older kids.  One of the Literary Analysis stories was The Necklace by Maupassant, for example - that's not on many 5th-grade reading lists!


I think with an older kid you would move through it more quickly - you would probably be able to double up on some days - do the style exercises of day for along with the next week's day one, for example.  Or you might be able to skip some of the outlining lessons if they already have this skill down. So perhaps you'd finish all three levels by the end of 10th grade, for example, then have two full years for persuasive writing/rhetoric.

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