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Common App Arts Supplement - music - anyone gotten to this point yet? Question re: Slideroom

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Let me start by saying that ds hasn't even gotten a slideroom account or whatever yet, so I am kind of putting the cart before the horse. Let me also say that, even though I have a phobia of technology and am a techno-goob, my son does not suffer from these issues. But, as the mom, it is my job to worry, so that is what I am doing.


We have a video of a recital my son did last fall. It's about 30 minutes long all filmed in one continuous video. Thus, it is too long. However, the whole recital was a solid performance and there are two pieces that he could use to make up a supplement of ten minutes that would show contrasting styles quite nicely. Query: How hard is is going to be to "cut out" just the pieces we want? Can this be done *through* slideroom? Does it need to be done first on his computer somehow *before* we upload it to slideroom? I have a fear of "losing" stuff while in the process of doing this, although he did back it up on a flashdrive. I'll reiterate: as the mom, it is my job to worry, so that is what I am doing.


Any tech-savvy people out there who can help, reassure, etc? :D

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I'll be able to answer your question in two months but not before! I had been assuming that we would take cuts of pieces and upload them separately, but honestly I have no idea. Dh is the technology person in our house, so that's his job!


I'm waiting until September 1 to open the Common App on the theory that either 1) all of the hiccups will be fixed by then, or 2) colleges will have realized it doesn't work and let us do everything on paper! (I can dream, can't I?)


I hope someone else has an answer for you!

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