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Need some positive vibes coming this way

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Still kind of down here. Having trouble keeping up. I did go to the doctor and am awaiting results (next week). I feel blah, and tired, and very self-conscious. My kids were not all that well-behaved yesterday. We are having trouble getting in a groove for school this year. I need that to change. I hate being in a down cycle and asking for lifting up. I want to be the lifter, not the liftee.


Just needed to spit it out so I can move on with the day. Feel free to move on and ignore. Really. It's okay. This is therapeutic for me. I can't put it on my blog because of some family that read. I don't go there with these people. I need to get it out, is all. Thanks for the space to do that.

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:grouphug: Melissa, anytime.:grouphug: We could never move on and ignore you!! You're such an important part of the community here and we're here for you. It does suck being in a downward spiral and not being able to be the lifter; I'm there for a bit now too. So I want to send some :grouphug: your way. You're not alone and we're all here to support you.


Sending warm thoughts and blessings your way Melissa.

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Hi Melissa, I hope things perk up soon. I don't recall what tests you are having but have you had your thyroid checked? I had mine checked last year when I was both mentally and physically exhausted. The doctor was laughing at me on the phone when he told me my thyroid was low. He never had someone so happy to have something wrong with them before-LOL


Take care of yourself. Don't fall into the trap that I did. I cared for everyone else and never myself. I was really sick when I finally called the doctor last year. Please let us know what your doc says:)


I am sending some positive vibes your way.

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