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Big first step...

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OK...so there is no turning back now! I just TORE UP all my workbooks and I am set to start on my WEEKLY BINDER plan! I am going to have a hole-punching party now. lol I have been organizationally-challenged (?) for a long, long time now, so I hope this works! I am excited (as are the kids -- they think it will be cool to have everything in one binder each week). And the CONTROL I am feeling over the days and weeks now...it is intoxicating. I am lovin' the power! LOL


I have gotten a lot of inspriration about planning on these boards (thanks!!) and I am really looking forward to planning it all myself this year.


Wish me luck! (OK, I admit it...I am gonna need it! LOL)



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I'm quite organizationally challenged and nearly break out in hives when I think about taking steps to change it. I need help! :p


That is basically me. But, too late now! lol I actually kind of did it just to get my butt in gear.


(It will probably last about 4 weeks. I hope longer!!!!)

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