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Preschool Twin Parents!

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Hey Ho, Parents of Twin Preschoolers!


I have been slaving away on planning out lessons for my oldest son's upcoming homeschool year.  With all my planning for his schooling, however, I do not want to neglect my bright and very active 4 year old twins.  I know that if I don't plan out at least some basic lesson goals and plans for my twins, very little pro-active learning will take place with them this year.  


I decided to start with writing down my goals for this year, and then put together a very simple daily/weekly lesson plan for my twins.  I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas to share about their plans for their preschool kiddos (twins).  Does anyone have a daily/weekly plan?


We will be attending Classical Conversations again this year.  Last year, my twins simply went to the nursery.  This year, I decided to put them in a class (simply because it seemed the better alternative to spending 3 - 4 hours in the nursery).  


If you're curious, here's the post I just wrote about my goals for my 4 year olds twins:

Preschool Goals for 4 Year Old Twins







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We are starting Aug 19th and I have their workboxes set up and am looking for things to fill it right now. I will be making more file folder/envelope games. We will be finishing the alphabet doing LOTW activities each week and I am using my Proclick to make them weekly booklets. They LOVE cut and paste pattern worksheets and matching, so that will keep them busy for a while.

I also will be doing the "what your Preschooler needs to know" workbook with them. It is kind of easy for them, but they like some of the activities and since I already have it, why not.

My goal is to have them ready in Jan to start ETC A,B and C with them. This is what I used with my other kids. I will also finish up "mathematical Reasoning Beginners A" with them by December and then I will probably move on to MUS Primer. I like this as an introduction to math, but will move to MM for 1st. I tried Saxon K math and did not like it. If they do well with MUS I may stick with Alpha and Beta to get them ready for MM. I'll see how it goes.

Each of my twins is so different with regards to learning styles, that I am planning lots of activities for each.

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Thanks, Um_2_4!  I would love to hear more about your workboxes and file folder/envelope games.  This year will be the first that I actively try to do at least some form of homeschooling with all 3 of my children.  I'm trying to figure out how in the world I'm going to organize and execute all these plans!  Thanks for all your ideas! 

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