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Math on the Level


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Thoughts on this curriculum?  I found a lot of talk about it in 2008 on here, but wondering if anyone has stuck with it and what their thoughts on it are.  I bought it a few years ago at the Midwest Homeschool Convention and loved the idea of it.  I stuck with it for my daughter for probably 6 months before I wandered because I was starting to fear it wasn't enough.  She was 6.  Yeah, just shake your head at two years ago me.  I do all the time. ;)  Anyway, my son has been HATING math.  We did CLE for a while and he hated it.  Switched to Saxon and he hates it even more.  My child who naturally thinks in logical numbers in every part of his life, hates math lessons.  That breaks my heart.  I've thought about breaking out the MOTL and trying that with both of them for this year, but I'm so overwhelmed by the starting and implementation. I really cannot afford to spend money on yet another math curriculum, but I just want him to love learning the thing that he seems most naturally inclined to do! 

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I bought it recently and love it, but I'm not home enough to use any hardcopy resources right now. If it's not on my phone or iPad mini it's not getting used. Period.


I'm thinking of scanning it, because there is nothing else I want to use.

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What might math look like for your little guy if you "ran with" math as he is naturally inclined?



You've taught that level of math before so you know where the year needs to go.  What if you set a time in each day to do math together and did not use a pre-fab curric?  


Singapore Challenging Word Problems is a great resource.  If he just lives and breathes math, just give him something meaty to chew on and worry about the details as they come up.  



MEP.  Have you tried MEP?  You can s.k.i.p. the redundant.undant.undant and go straight for the meat.  MEP might keep him chewing.



(CLE and Saxon are not fun maths.  They cut the meat and chew it up for you, like a puree for a baby.  blech!  Give him a challenge, and have some fun with it.)

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I recently started using MOTL and I have to say I like it.

I switched from MUS, I am starting from the beginning with DS5 and using it to finish up with DS11 and DD13. DD13 is also using LOF.

You said you purchased it a couple of years ago, I don't think they had the automatic spreadsheet then. If you contact them they will let you download it. It makes keeping track of the concepts taught and the scheduling the 5 a days so easy.


I really do think it is a complete program and "enough". It is also very easy to add to if needed. Like I said DD13 is using LOF along with it. She needs LOF to help her like math. She gets her instruction from LOF and her review from MOTL 5 a days.

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We use it and love it.


When talking about traditional math, we are of the delayed formal math view. We dabble in stuff, I let the kids play with things etc and we have lots of hands on real life math. I use MOTL to keep an eye on whats happening, for ideas etc, and later on I will use it for 5-a-days and formal math in-a-roundabout way. I'll be using it to keep an eye on things, sort of like coming behind to mop things up and check on everything. Other than Real-life math, we use Montessori math for introduction to concepts.


I think MOTL isn't that hard at all, and if I wanted to just use it and do formal math right now, I could probably be set up in a few minutes and ready to go. But I suppose it depends on the kind of person you are.


Suffice to say, no matter what goes in or out of our house, MOTL will be our one constant.

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