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Cindy in Indy

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Those of you with children in 1st to 4th grades might be encouraged by this little story: My 14-year-old was looking over my shoulder and saw the thread titled "a story older than Gilgamesh" and he said, "what's that?", so we read the thread together. I took the opportunity to mention that he would be reading Gilgamesh this year as part of his Ancient History cycle - rhetoric level. He surprised me by giving me a spontaneous narration of the story of Gilgamesh (from a picture version we read in, oh, about 2nd grade - we didn't read it in the "logic" cycle). I was stunned by the details he recited - lots of stuff I've forgotten, including how Gilgamesh obtains the plant of eternal life, only to lose it to a snake who eats it while G sleeps. ("How could he let that happen?" my son commented.) I guess ds won't be afraid to tackle the adult-level translation this year - he already knows the story, just like SWB says in the WTM.


Hope that many of you enjoy similar recollections in the days to come,


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