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Online Flute Lessons are really working

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I just wanted to share about the online pre-recorded flute lessons my dd is taking.  A highly trained flutist named Rebecca Fuller decided to start a low cost online flute lesson resource, and I have to say, it is amazing.  Each lesson is short. Each lesson builds slowly and carefully on the previous lesson.  She includes tips and tricks for free via email.  She includes all kinds of work on note reading, posture, positioning, and many other aspects.  All the songs are clickable right next to the lesson, so you can print them and put them in your notebook.


There are hundreds of lessons, and they all build on previous lessons in little baby steps that make it super manageable.  One aspect that I think is important, is that she also offers live Skype lessons if you need more help.  Today, we had our first Skype Lesson and it was awesome.  She took the time to look at my daughters posture and positioning, and found a few "bad habits" and gently corrected them, and also gave us a link to print a good song.  She has great screen presence and a really kind, nice schoolteacher-type way about her that makes my dd feel happy and comfortable.  


YOu can get about 15 lessons for free.  Then after that, you pay 35/month for unlimited recorded video lessons.  Then, whenever you need to Skype her, you set up an appointment and that is 30.00 for about half an hour.  


Honestly, my daughter and I are thrilled.   My daughter is a "laid back" person and this gentle method really suits her.  She is very motivated as far as sticking with flute long term, but she is not the "go get 'em tiger" kind of person.  But if you had a child who is extremely motivated, this would work for that child as well because he or she could just keep on clicking on hte next video and keep on moving!!!


(Obviously, parental oversight is important.  I am not learning the flute alongside my dd, but I am learning all about what she is supposed to be doing and learning, so that I can remind her and check her body, position, embouchure, air and I help her take notes and file all her songs and practice properly.)


My daughter can play 8 songs now, read all the music for them, and she is learning a little more every day.  Her sound is very pretty, and what is more important- she loves it and feels happy and unpressured.  A homeschool mom's dream come true!! ...If we continue at this pace, I think she could play for church in 2 years.  It's really that step by step and clear.


(I am not working for her. Honestly. Just a happy homeschool mom really wanting to share!!)  LOL


PS We are renting a flute for 30/month through and I also HIGHLY recommend this guy!  We got a JUpiter Beginner Flute and it is Rebecca's favorite low cost beginner flute.  It has a very nice sound quality.  Even if you can afford it, don't buy a flute to start with because your child will probably bump it, ding it and bang it a lot the first year. we are waiting to buy her a flute.  This guy gives free shipping for any repairs and tuning at any time, and the flute we got was brand new.  It is a nice little flute for the money.

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I feel really blessed through it. For one (and this is what drew me in), it's a huge money saver.  Private local flute lessons are 160.00 per month, at the absolute minimum.  


But now that I am using her lessons, I think it's actually in some ways better than a once a week private lesson, because number one, she has been teaching flute for 20 years, taught her own son, and trained all over the world.  Number two, I love her personality and teaching style.  Number three, she has everything laid out and very little itty bitty step by step lessons.  So my dd does one lesson EVERY day, rather than a big long lesson once per week.  Once in a while my dd will need to stop and keep working on one skill for a few days of course.  ONce, it took almost a week to master a new skill.  SO, it's in some ways a better method, because we have that gentle step by step progress.

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