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2nd Grade Grammar


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I have one child who is transitioning from first to second grade. (I use the grade thing loosely because I find it difficult to label grades in homeschooling.) She is 7. I'm needing a grammar program for her. FLL was a complete bust for us. It was boring. We had some personal issues with the curriculum. We ended up skipping a lot of the material because she either knew it or didn't need the correction being offered. Would MCT (Grammar Island) be too advanced for a 7 year old? And if so, what should I use instead? 


I also have a child transitioning into first grade. He'll be 6 next month. And I need a replacement grammar for him because I am not putting myself through another year of FLL. Any suggestions? Could he use MCT, as well? 

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Rod and Staff's 2nd grade book would work for both.


BoB Jones English 2nd grade might possibly be used with both.


Voyages in English has 1st and 2nd grade wkbks.


Evan Moor has some options.


Classical Writing has some sweet Primers available that could be used with both.


OR you could read Grammarland to both, use the free worksheets (or not) and start MCT in 3rd/4th.

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FLL just did not work for us either. We used Growing with Grammar last year. My 7 yo was able to do it pretty much independently. I thought we'd switch to something else this year (R&S or MCT), but I really like that he can work through it by himself so I've ordered the next level of GWG. Simple, short lessons - I feel like at the very least he's getting a good introduction. Once I get my youngest reading, maybe I'll feel like I can switch to some grammar we all work through together... maybe starting KISS in third grade.

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