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I was generously given 2 boxes of Nutrisystem food. Help me "use" it?

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Please, no lectures on it as a diet, it's lack of whole foods, it's chemcial make up. I did not ask for it, it was left here from the heart/kindness of a dear client.


I need to lose an additional 40 pounds; I am under medical care for issues related to weight and other stuff.


The items are color coded; breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


I don't know the rules. The meals are self explanatory. Can I add salad, fruit, veggies? Is there a list of snacks I can have "outside" of the prepared food?


This might give me a jump start on weight loss (again) and it definitely will help my budget!


I did a google, but got only advertising.

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I haven't had any experience with the food myself, as I have too many food allergies, but what kind of shelf life does it have?


It might just be something you can keep in the pantry for those last-minute-need-a-meal moments. That way you can get something that's quick and nutritious...the two hardly meet in a sentence, anyway:tongue_smilie:.

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just for a month and it did really jump start my weight loss.


You can use the official Nutrisystem website without ordering. You have to create a username and password and then you have access to discussion boards and other tools. There is a "my program" tab at the top that will give you a daily menu where you can enter what you are eating. If you look there you will be able to figure out what to add to it. Basically you get to add protein, fruits, and veggies.


good luck. Some of it is really bad but most of it actually tastes pretty good. I was very tired of it after a month but it helped get me on the right track.


Let me know if you can't access the site and when I get a chance I can type it all in for you.



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I'm sure it's changed quite a bit since I tried it 10 years ago. But yes, we were to add salads to each meal, fruit/veggie as part of a snack, etc. I didn't do very well on that part. Typically, eating enough is a real issue for me if I eat healthy. I really have to work at it and at the time....didn't.


I'd try Nutrisystem again if I had the money (or was gifted with it).

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