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Cross post: is there anything like Winning with Writing...


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.... That ISN'T actually Winning with Writing?? (Cross posted from logic board.)


DS is just not a willing writer. Narrations and classical style are out here. And although this isn't the route I've taken for most subjects, I need something that is more public schoolish. DS will most likely be heading back to school within a couple years, so I need something that teaches the different types of writing explicitly and is very open and go.


I've tried Bravewriter, and while I like some elements, it's just not enough here. I need serious handholding. Not IEW, not MCT. We have Hake Grammar and like it, but the writing piece is not our favorite, although its still an option. I have the Writers Express handbook and its a fantastic resource, but I'm having trouble pulling assignments from it.


The format of WWW is great but honestly, I don't care for the sentences and I don't feel like the writing is great.


We also have Kilgallon, but that's not really meeting my goal of teaching forms of writing.


So what is it that I want? Does it exist??

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I agree with the Evan-Moor recommendation.


Another option (not so public-schooly, imo) is EPS' Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King.


Also, there are those free, graded Scott-Foresman grammar and writing workbooks. Perhaps you can print specific lessons from them and bind them as one workbook for your ds?

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