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Free online worldwide homeschol conference Aug 23/24

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A free worldwide online homeschool conference is being planned for Aug 23 and 24th. It looks like it's going to have a wide variety of topics, not just aimed at one style of homeschooling or one religious belief system, which is exciting. There's not a schedule out yet, and it looks as if they are accepting presentation proposals through Aug 20, if anyone is interested in submitting something. Some of the accepted presentations so far: the purposes of secondary education, helping boys learn, integrating unschooling with traditional teaching, adventurous math for the playground crowd, writing homeschooling goals, the feminist homeschooler, and learning by doing. Worth checking out. They state that a schedule will be ready about a week before the conference.



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Interesting concept.  So far, most of the presenters don't seem to be people who have actually homeschooled.  I hope to see more.  If I didn't have so much going on this month, I would consider sending in a presentation proposal.  Not sure if they would accept it since I am not a university professor, nor a published author. 

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The information says that first time presenters are encouraged, and that the plan is for all serious proposals to be accepted, so I would expect they would not automatically dismiss it.. I know there is at least one current submission by a homeschooler---Tammy Moore of the Virtual Homeschool Group--but I am personally interested in seeing presentations from outside the homeschool community as well as from homeschoolers on topics related to education. Most of the homeschool conferences I see listed or have attended (and admittedly those are few) tend to be pretty insular. I think it will be interesting to see information from other areas of the education world as well.

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