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Electric stove recommendations needed

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Do you need the stove top or a free standing range? I've had two GE free staning ranges. With both of them the stove top got extremely hot when the oven was on. I burned my hand a couple of times when the stove wasn't on. It was like there was inadequate insulation or a great deal of heat loss.

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We just bought a GE Profile slide in, flat top range.

I have a convection toaster oven that I just love and thought I would get a convection oven. But sheesh..they are really really a ton more expensive. DH ( the engineer) figured out how years I would have to use before the time saved would equal the cost spent purchasing it. Not worth it to us.


One of the burners on the cooktop has two different size cooking areas..one small and one large.


I had a gas range for 12 which I loved, but hated to clean, so it is an adjustment getting used to the electric flat top again. My new electric oven seems to bake a lot faster than the gas one ever did,


Edited to say that the last range we had was a GE Profile..only it was the gas one. It never even hicopped in 12 years. WE gave it to a friend for their cottage and she is loving it.

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