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We are chicken killers.

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I'm so sad and ashamed to admit that we caused our 20 chicks to die yesterday. :( :( :(


We were gone from early in the morning until late at night. Apparently, the tarp covering their cage had not been replaced the night before after dh moved it. The poor little birds were in the hot broiling sun all day and ran out of water. :( All but one were dead, and that one is lame.


ugh, i feel sick to my stomach to think about it.


a sad day here.

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We've killed a couple ourselves, so I know how you feel. Just one so far this year, thankfully (also due to heat with no water!).....but we've lost a whole flock three times now. Twice due to neighborhood dogs, and once because we had to make an emergency trip out of state for a week- they didn't stand a chance, but we had no choice.


Hang in there. Tomorrow is a new day. At least that's what I keep telling myself :tongue_smilie:

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I know you're hurting so over this loss. I can certainly imagine. I think this eventuality is one of the reasons I became mildly obsessed with my birds when I had them. The first thing I'd do every morning and the last thing I'd do every night was to check on them. There are still no guarantees, though. It's so hard.


It's probably not too late to try for another batch before summer's out. Do you have it in you?



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