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What things do you do in elementary to increase the quantity of writing your dc does


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We're going off the WWE with copywork (gets them used to how a sentence is formed), dictation, and narration summarizing something that either they or I read). The dictation gets them used to holding words in their head until they write them down and the narration gets them used to forming the thoughts into sentences. Narration must be in complete sentences whether they write it down or dictate it to you to write for them.

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When my kids were small, I bought them little inexpensive hardcover "blank books." The covers could be colored (some were blank, some had theme pictures to color in like dinosaurs, undersea, sports, fairy tales, etc.)


The inside pages were blank. I would let them draw a picture, then write a caption or short description underneath.


As they got older, I bought journals that had half the page blank and the lower half lined. Same concept.


They could write/draw about whatever they wished. I had a list of prompts I found free online that I would offer if they seemed stumped.


These journals are precious to look at now the kids are older!:001_wub: And they enjoy looking back at their early efforts, too.


We also used dictation and copywork taken from the Bible and their favorite story books.

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