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Well, apparently, I'm a young whippersnapper!!!

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I didn't know anyone ever used that word in real life!


I went to a Goodwill near us today--my sister was going to buy me some stuff that fit since my clothes are, literally, falling off since my weight loss (I put a water bottle in my shorts pocket and nearly lost them today). I walked up to a rack, and an older woman, who was on the other end, glared at me, walked down near me, spread her arms out and gathered all she could except a little bit of clothes near me, and started going through them at a cut throat rate. She kept glaring back at me.


I ignored her, went through what I could, then went to the other end of the rack, where she wasn't, to look. She stopped, gasped loudly, and put her hands on her hips and watched me. I picked out a few things, took them into the dressing room and tried them on.


A few minutes later I came out with a couple of pairs of shorts that I was going to purchase. I was walking around Goodwill when I got the feeling someone was following me--I turned around, and found the same older woman was right on my tail, and when I stopped, she peered over my shoulder, and looked into my basket. I turned around to say something, and she went around me and started going through my clothes! I said, "Excuse me?", and she answered, "You know, I might have wanted this!", holding up a pair of shorts that was obviously 2 sizes too big for her.


I took them from her, put them back in my cart, answered, "Sorry, I am purchasing them.", and started walking away.


From behind me I heard, "Young whippersnapper!". I was so stunned to hear such a phrase I just stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. And this woman actually turned around like she hadn't said it! There was no one else on this side of Goodwill! Did she think I would think it wasn't her?!?


To make matters worse, she followed me around for a couple of minutes, with me trying to ignore her, because she was older, saying "Young whippersnappers, think they own the world, I was there first, young whippersnappers!". Finally, I had had enough! I turned to her, and asked her, "Do you think because you arrived here before me that you have the right to anything in the store you want?". And she answered, "No. Just on that rack.".


We started our little parade again, and I walked up to a young man who worked there, with the whippersnapper chant following close behind, turned to her, presented her to him, and said, "This woman has been stalking me throughout the store, she is your problem now."


As I walked away, I heard, "Young whippersnapper!".

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Well, on the other hand, think of what she MIGHT have called you. I mean really, I'm willing to be called almost anything that begins with "young." ;)


Sounds like there might have been some other mental "issues" going on there. Glad you made it out (relatively) unscathed! :001_smile:

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I'm thinking she is a few cards short of a full deck. Kinda scary, actually, but if "young whippersnapper" was the worst she could muster, I guess I'd be prone to just feel sorry for her.


Pam, I think you've hit the nail on the head with that remark about copperheads and crazy people. I'm not going out until Labor Day!!

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I'm sorry you had this experience, Mom to Aly. At least you got some new clothes! This story makes me a little sad. The lady reminds me of my grandmother when she was suffering from dementia in the last years of her life. Granny was frequently obsessive, angry and paranoid over the smallest things, very much like this lady. It was so difficult to see her that way. I hope that poor lady has somebody to look out for her.

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Are you laughing about it yet? Because, as an outsider, I found this to be kinda' funny!!! But, if it had happened to me, I think I'd have been a bit nervous.


I had a woman giving me dirty looks the last time we went into Goodwill. Finally, I asked her if she wanted something? She said, "You don't look like you need to shop here! You should leave these things here for those of us who need to." I was very surprised!!! I mumbled something back about priorities. You know, maybe it is the month for the crazies to come out!!!

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How hysterical! Um............was it me?


I don't know--it could have been you, if that is your pic, though, it would have to be about 40 years old, and you would have had to shrunk about 2 feet! That is part of it--I'm 5'6" and overweight, this was a little lady! I towered over her! And, once I was well away from Goodwill, I did think it was funny! In a way. But my mom is showing many signs of Alzheimer's, which her mom and grandmother had very badly, which also makes me very sad--although they were never angry, like this! I think if this woman had a cane, she might have beaten me and run away with the shorts!


Funnier, to me, is my dd since then--we went out again, and she has made sure to tell EVERYONE she meets that I am a "young whippersnapper"--I'm getting quite a reputation around here!


I wonder if I should change my name on the board? What would that avatar look like?

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