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Does anyone happen to have...? (a cautionary tale)

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When you find a free resource that works really well, download it all.  Immediately.  Don't just take what you need that day, leave the window open, and expect it to be there the next day.  Because even if the site has been up for five years, as sure as you find something awesome that your kids love, it will go poof into the cyberspace graveyard.


Now that I got that off my chest, does anyone have the assignment sheets from thatresourcesite.com? (Don't bother going there, the entire site is down.) My daughter is obsessed with them.  I only got 6 before the site disappeared, and she would think Christmas has come early if I managed to find the others.  


I know it's a shot in the dark, but I know this board is widely read.

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Sorry to hear that. And this is why I put everything I find of interest into Evernote. So tired of going back to something awesome to find it gone and I've watched dh do that many times with his extensive bookmarks list. Bookmark is useless if the content is gone, with Evernote, I still have it when I want to use it. :)

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