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Chemistry--Please help me decide!

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I have decided to use DIVE Chemistry in the fall.  However, I can't decide which text to use--Apolobia or BJU.  This is for my ds whose not going into science of any kind, but I do want him to be prepared just in case.  We have used Apologia General Science, Physical Science, and Biology.  Ds has commented that Apologia is too wordy for him.  I'm afraid to try BJU because I've read on this forum that it's dry and difficult to teach, but I'm not doing the teaching.  Maybe it's difficult to read or understand? Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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I would use BJU. I actually really liked Apologia Chemistry, however it presents topics in a very unusual order though and builds based on that order. I'm sure DIVE does not use that order.


Here are my reasons for choosing BJU for you:

1. Dive aligns to BJU. The chapters and topics will align much better and follow in the order they were written. (or close)

2. If your ds doesn't like the wordiness of Apologia, why fight it. BJU is a very different writing style.

3. BJU is difficult if you do it on its own, but DIVE is lighter than BJU. The problems sets and test will not be as difficult as if you were using BJUs stuff, so it won't be too hard.


disclaimer: I haven't used DIVE for Chemistry. I have used it for Physical Science and am using it this year for Biology. I used BJU science up through 7th grade and really like it. The only Apologia book I've ever used is Chemistry and while I wouldn't use Apologia Biology if you paid me, I really did like the Chemistry. :)

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How about a third choice? You could consider using their internet linked articles. The plus of this would be that you ds would not have one author but many so it would be unlikely that he would hate everything. The downside is the internet article could be not as gauged to high school students as textbooks written for that audience. There would also not be any  exercises for them.


A fourth option would be to search this forum for the Chang's General Chemistry syllabus Regenturde first posted about. You could couple the DIVE CD with it. I did this with Singapore's Biology Matters and DIVE. Yes, I know you might not know much about chemistry but the topics are fairly similar between texts so you should be able to do that. 


As for which to use, I would show your ds a sample from the BJU text if at all possible. Have him read it. If you can get a copy to borrow locally that would excellent, but if not use whatever sample they provide.


Generally I have heard BJU is more difficult and rigorous than Apologia from other home schoolers.



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