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balances, scales, globes...what should I have

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I'm ordering a Handwriting without Tears book for my son, and in order to get free shipping, I would like to find a few more items to add to the cart, rather than figure out later that I want/ need them.

Thoughts on the following...


a balance


a scale


a globe


We have a US map and a world map and an atlas for kids.  We have no measuring devices.  We are going to be working on Singapore 1 and 2 this year.  Any thoughts on what I should add to my list?  Anything that I didn't mention here?  geometric solids, etc?



thanks, Chelsea

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Would that be a platform scale?


I feel like I want a balance, but I also feel like there is no reason to get one, except my son might like to play with it. :) What would I do with a platform or a balance, I wonder...

You'll get far more use out of a good $35 or $40 kitchen/mail scale.


Instructables.com has instructions for making a balance scale. I'm on my phone.... Google "instructables make balance scale."

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My ds loves his balance scale. He uses it all the time. We got one that has buckets and he frequently uses it with water. He also weighs and compares c-rods, Legos, and pencil crayons. He uses it so much that I recently purchased a weight set so he could have some known quantities to compare.


If I kept it in the cupboard it would probably never get used, but it is out on our kitchen table along with the other math manipulatives.


We really like fraction circles and fraction towers. The set of classroom dice has found multiple uses. Overhead spinners can be used to make your own games. Ds really likes the folding measuring stick. Tangrams are fun. Ds loves geoboards. The Judy clock has had a ton of use.


Ds is really enjoying a logic puzzle called Logic Links. It comes in a box with puzzle cards and coloured tokens. You are given instructions like "the red token is to the left of the purple token, no white tokens are on the edges" and you need to figure out where on the puzzle card to place each colour. Very fun and good for practicing paying attention to instructions.

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